FCASE Fraud Orchestration for Financial Institutions.

Today’s financial services industry is challenged with increasingly innovative ways of committing fraud and cyber-crime. While banks, building societies and credit card companies comply with ever-changing regulations and legislation and contend with increasing pressure to release products that enhance the customer experience, first generation fraud management systems are falling short.

Forward-thinking financial institutions evolving their fraud management systems from a level of basic standalone detection to a more enterprise-focused approach that integrates disparate data platforms, predicts risk assessment using adaptive analytics, all with real-time functionality and without compromising on customer satisfaction.

While there are a number of fraud detection software solutions available for individual internet banking, mobile banking and credit card platforms, each has its own case management interface, the majority of which fail to meet the exacting needs of the financial service provider. Using FCASE, you can improve operational efficiency by 300% and close fraud cases ten times faster

FCASE End-to-end Fraud Orchestration

Whereas traditional fraud operations require fraud screening teams to continuously interact with the multitude of fraud detection software and manually gather and aggregate historical data from several different resources, FCASE consolidates your fraud data, simplifies fraud operations management and significantly improves efficiency.

FCASE is an integrated fraud management suite that provides enhanced monitoring across the payments landscape. Using centralised architecture, the platform automatically collects information from multiple fraud detection programs, and provides a cross-channel repository for all your fraud case-related data.

FCASE avoids the traditional issue of a siloed and disjointed fraud management operation by providing a unified fraud operations suite for financial institutions that integrates with all major fraud detection platforms, including IBM Sfare Payments, IBM Trusteer, InAuth, Nice Actimize, FICO, Feature Space, iProov, IRIS and Paygilant.

A more efficient way to consolidate, integrate and interrogate your data.

Traditional operations are slowed down by poor case and task distribution. FCASE’s Intelligent Case Assignment (FICA) offers enhanced collaborative capabilities which improve communication and team performance by ensuring that each Fraud Analyst and Agent is utilized for optimum workload. These efficiencies can be easily tracked through a summary view of ‘KPI’ and quality metrics.

The system provides enterprise-wide fraud operations management capabilities that financial companies need to combat the continually evolving nature of fraud and cyber-crime, detecting anomalies and highlighting suspicious activity in real-time.

Seamlessly Integrates

Seamlessly integrates with all major fraud detection platforms, including IBM Safer Payments, IBM Trusteer, InAuth, Nice Actimize, FICO, Simility, Paygilant and many more.

Extensive Reports

FCASE’s intuitive reporting engine enables you to quickly generate a wide range of standard and custom reports and graphs for your overall operations.

Increases Operational Efficiency

Increases operational efficiency by 300% and enables you to close fraud cases ten times faster than when using separate fraud detention platforms.

PSD2 Fraud Reporting Compliance

FCase helps Payment Service Providers to comply with “Fraud Reporting Compliance” defined under Article 96(6) of PSD2, by generating the PSD2 compliant fraud reports on the fly.


Reduce Costs

Eliminate the time, manpower and cost implications associated with continuous staff training when adopting new fraud detection software by investing in a single unifying platform.

Enhanced Monitoring

Consolidates every aspect of your fraud data through a single centralised architecture, which uses adaptive analytics to provide enhanced monitoring.

Fraud Management

Simplifies fraud operations management and significantly improves efficiency


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Used by several banks, FCase is developed by fraud experts. Take control of your bank’s fraud management processes with the unique capabilities of FCase

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